Children & Adolescent Therapy


Clinicians at Complete Solutions believe that play-based therapy can help children in a developmentally appropriate way to learn healthy expression of emotions, learn self-advocacy, and develop positive relationships. A Complete Solutions therapist assigned to you and your child(ren) will provide therapy to your child(ren) in the nurturing and positive environment of your own home. Because we come to you for children's sessions, we can tailor treatment to address your family's goals in a way that puts children at ease! While we understand that the goals for a child be individualized, the central goal of therapy will be to reduce the symptoms children are experiencing, provide them with their own "space" to work out issues, and help them develop the tools for managing their mental well-being in the future.  Complete Solutions will partner with your family to help your children develop successful skills and strategies that often can improve their lives at school, at home, and in the community.


We understand that talking to a stranger about problems is hard enough for adults, let alone teenagers who are experiencing significant changes in their minds and bodies.  Meeting with a Complete Solutions therapist can help normalize these changes, provide appropriate coping skills training, and help improve emotion regulation while reducing unwanted symptoms. Given that teens are often better equipped to adapt to either in-person home-based therapy or online therapy, a therapist matching you and your adolescent's needs will help your teen cope better, communicate better, and do better! 

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