Couples and Family Therapy


Do you wish you could feel loved and fulfilled in your relationship and move forwards together towards a stronger, healthier you?   When we experience conflict in our primary relationships, the struggles can make daily stressors feel stronger and more overwhelming because humans generally need to feel a sense of belonging and being "seen" to be content.  Couples who experience conflict often can feel isolated, unsure, and sometimes lose hope.  Our licensed, experienced therapists know that no relationship is perfect, but when couples grow together, individuals often experience increased joy and life satisfaction.

Whether you and your partner are challenged in connecting or communicating effectively, we can help you move towards bonding, sharing, reconciling, and developing a new understanding of each other through effective communication strategies.  We can help each of you experience being "heard" and "seen" by your significant other.  


Belonging to and identifying with a family is a part of being human.  But sometimes when one family member experiences distress, the conflict can affect the entire family system.  Sometimes conflict is occurring among many family members. Working together toward understanding what is impacting your family and how to improve is an integral component toward decreasing arguments and disagreements that affect family members individually and collectively. What makes family therapy different than other types of therapy is that it is often brief and focused on solutions and outcomes where goals are simple and attainable.  We can connect you with an experienced and licensed family therapist to evaluate your family's needs and help your family move towards increased emotional and physical health, improved functioning at work or school, and greater satisfaction in your family life!

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