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Welcome to Complete Solutions!  We are a complete solution to both educational and psychological needs, offering combined services for people and institutional leaders few professional organizations can provide.  

Complete Solutions professionals connect you with professionals who can provide mental health therapy and psychological assessments to individuals, families, couples, children, and adolescents.  We can also connect you to our educational consulting services designed for families and institutions (such as K-12 institutions, preschools, charter schools, children's homes) with an emphasis on providing educational services that recognize the connections between children's mental health and academic success.


We are excited to offer mental health therapy to individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents from trained and licensed clinicians.  We provide services through our secure, online telehealth platform or through home-based therapy visits.  Our services include treatment planning using evidence-based practices such as mindfulness (mindfulness based cognitive therapy), dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, psychological assessment, and consultation/advocacy.  As we approach therapy through an existential, constructivist lens, we often help you find greater meaning in your life through improving relationships with others.

Because we know how difficult it can be to access mental health services quickly, we promise to contact you within 24 hours after you reach out to us on the web or by phone.  We also promise to provide a free 30-minute consultation to you within three days of reaching out to us, and we promise to conduct your first therapy session within one week of your consultation. 


A growing number of researchers recognize the connections between children's mental health and their academic success.  That's why many school districts across the country are integrating mental health therapy into their student services—helping children develop skills to effectively deal with anxiety (an ever-increasing reality for 21st century children), improve emotion regulation, learn coping skills, and improve relationships with teachers, peers, and parents. Parents recognize also the need to combine educational services (such as tutoring) with mental health therapy to improve children's quality of life.  Connecting children with mental health interventions in a developmentally appropriate way can improve children's academic outcomes and increase opportunities to achieve in adulthood.  We believe parents and leaders in our schools and institutions can help children achieve by advocating for kids and increasing opportunities to learn about how to support at school who have unmet psychological needs.

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